Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Video Games-
Video games are not merely child's play anymore. They are a $10 billion a year industry and will soon eclipse the film industry as the number one form of entertainment. Not just toys anymore, videogames are a service providing community and communication. Some people live inside MMORPGs. They have more freinds and family in the sythetic worlds than they do in real life. What if you find more satisfaction in the world of a video game than in the real world? Then where will you consider home?
Let's be honest....Films suck, they are only made to rake in money these days through remakes of old TV shows, comic book charachters, and monster movies from the 20s. How about an original story? Maybe something that has never been done before? No. That won't make any money. Lets remake "Mr. Ed" for the big screen, make it three hours long, have the horse jump over some explosions and have the voice of Jude Law. Luckily, the audience still has some dignity left, and they won't pay ten dollars to see crap like this. This is why the movie industry is failing. Music sucks too. Just listen for crying out loud.
This is why video games are the only media I respect today. They are more complex and impressive than any reality show or pop music record you will find yourself pressured to enjoy.


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