Monday, January 23, 2006


It seems entirely possible that the future of education could entirely take place in front of a computer monitor. After all, isn't most of attending class based on sight and sound, listening to the teacher lecture and watching his visual presentation? This could simply be done through a computer. And, frankly, if there is any personal interaction between the student and instructor, it is usually through the instructor's initiation.
So what's stopping a pay-per-view lesson on the History of Singapore or Personal Finance 101? The more sought-after instructors from the more prestigious schools could charge more money, of course. Looking at it from a socially utopian standpoint, any lower class individual could have an Ivy Leauge education, if this were done right.
How far are we away from this vision? If you take into consideration how much we are dependent on OnCourse (and even you are reading my work right now through a computer) and class websites, we are not too far off from complete cyber-education.


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