Sunday, January 29, 2006


Reality TV
- It sucks. Its the most lazy attempt at trying to entertain someone. The shift in idea is quite simple; in the past; people would create scenarios revolving around rich, good-looking people. Now, real people that have those same charachteristics (rich, good-looking) are simply being filmed (The Newlyweds, the Bachelor, etc). Evolution in entertainment? Hell no. Devolution is more like it. I bet sometime a show will come along where you just film a guy taking a dump and masturbating. Then eating a microwaved burrito and watching the Simple Life. Who's to say that's not entertaining? It can be on PBS.
The standard of quality in entertainment is gradually diminishing. Call me a negative SOB, but everything being created nowadays is sucking really badly. Past generations of music, film, and TV used to have something impressive and thought-provoking in them. The quest for the almightly dollar is becoming more sought after than substance in entertainment. Here's the breakdown for how the sexes live vicariously through TV shows.

Female: Good looking, successful, intelligent woman who still can't find a man.
Male: Stupid, fat, lazy man who gets tons of women.


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