Monday, February 13, 2006


I talked to my grandmother over the phone, she told me people actually used to sit down, stop everything they were doing, and listen to the radio. Radio had everything...comedy, drama, music, sports, news. Then TV came along, and radio had to adapt itself by playing only music. Then I talked to my mother and asked her how many TV channels there were when she was in college. She said 3. I was amazed. Wow, how times have changed. Today, I get around 50 channels, and my mother now with her satellite dish gets about 300. There is so much information floating around that newer generations of people will not be able to relax and develop their own personalities. The more media floating around, the more useless media, and the more people waste their time with it. Young people don't know the difference between good and bad media, so they just watch or listen to anything. The standards of quality in entertainment are being lowered, not just becuase everyone wants to make money, but because people don't have time to relax and come up with something original. Too much information can be a bad thing.


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Technology claims to be improving communication with other people. But I'm not quite sure. Instead of talking to the person beside them people chose to talk on their cellphones. If found in a boring situation like a family reunion they'll whip out their phones and message/text like crazy...

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